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The Secret Sauce of Persuasive Messages

Anyone who tries to sell their house knows how inconvenient it is. This week we had to vacate our home for buyers to walk through, so with toddler in tow we drove to our local grocery store. As we were walking around, a voice came over the intercom: “Attention shoppers. In 5 minutes we invite […]

Facts Just Aren’t What They Used to Be…

Probably one of the most fundamental, most foundational beliefs around the presentation process is that whoever makes the best case – wins the day!   Key customers will be compelled to purchase your product or service based on a great datasheet.  Partners will be overwhelmed with your command of a spreadsheet and opt-in.  And employees will embrace the […]

The Sticky Factor – Four Principles for Maximizing Presentation Retention

In this interview with Tom Parker with Parker & Associates’ NOTES PAGE , Jim Endicott introduces you to some powerful principles of influence for being remembered, engaging audiences more effectively and being the presenter that they remember long after the presentation is over. No rote presentation tips here. Gain some insight into this career-impacting process from a seasoned industry insider!

Presentation Storytelling

What’s it take to be remembered these day? We certainly know what doesn’t work. Material directed at the intellect (bullets, charts, graphs), most frequently goes only into short-term memory and is rarely memorable. But case study after case study reveals that a presenter’s personal stories can be a powerful conduit for communicating value, important lessons […]

Influence, Choice and Messaging Shaping

We’ve been taught that choice is always a good thing. And the more things we get to choose from, the better – right?!  You may be surprised at the research. Now put yourself into the audience’s seat. A presenter in a sales presentation or an internal department meeting has a number of different product or implementation […]