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An Interview with Kevin Madden – Making Every Sales Presentation Produce – 28 Years of Lessons Learned

[A podcast interview with Kevin Madden, VP and General Manager of Honeywell’s Federal Systems Group.  Previously, VP of Global Sales of Honeywell’s $2.6B HBS Group]

28 years in the sales business has got to teach you something.  And when the stakes are in the tens of millions of dollars, the lessons are sometime painful and other times powerfully rewarding.  Kevin shares what’s uniquely different today for sales professionals and what he believes are the success factors needed to make every sales presentation produce real results.

Discussion points:

  • What’s changed in the high stakes sales game?
  • What are the success factors for making a sales presentation successful?
  • Can you be successful in sales and not be a strong presenter and communicator?
  • Key personal lessons from being a high-profile keynote conference presenter
  • Some secret sauce insight for new leaders about the art of presenting.


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