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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Why do our clients send us around the globe?

Our larger, international clients have a lot of options for training…   and there are probably hundreds of presentation skills companies out of country.  So why does one of Distinction’s international client companies send us all the way to Europe and beyond to train their important teams?  The answer is pretty straight forward.  Consistency-  There […]

Facts Just Aren’t What They Used to Be…

Probably one of the most fundamental, most foundational beliefs around the presentation process is that whoever makes the best case – wins the day!   Key customers will be compelled to purchase your product or service based on a great datasheet.  Partners will be overwhelmed with your command of a spreadsheet and opt-in.  And employees will embrace the […]

Bogus Tips for Presenters – Part 2

Continuing on with more “Bogus Tips” for presenters… 4) Five bullets per slide… I find it pretty backwards when our dialog around being a better presenter devolves to discussions of number of bullets on a slide. First and foremost, the art of presenting is a relational skill, not a technical one. Granted some people seem to […]