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Time. Sometimes you share it and sometimes you need more of it.

One lesson we’ve learned as we travel around the world, the things presenters struggle with in Chicago, Boston and Portland are pretty much the same things their counterparts in Toronto, Brussels & Dubai face.  The good news is we have the potential to avoid some pitfalls when we hear others experiences in blogs. And when we only have a few minutes for some fresh perspective, podcasts are a great tool!

For you bloggers, join in our running blog on your “worst presentation disaster”. We’ve all had one. Or maybe you want to kick in some thoughts on a posted article or podcast. Join in and share you important thoughts!

Maybe some less-than-stellar feedback has pushed you to seek out some seasoned experience in the area of presenting? Or maybe you’re just looking for a last minute tip on how to make sure your message stands out from the crowd. Whatever the case, you’ll want to check out our library great podcasts! Whether you use an MP3 player or just want a private coaching session right at your desktop, these 6-10 minute podcasts are the perfect answer!

Killing some time on an airplane? Looking for a little light reading? Bounce over to our resource section and check out a library of great articles or interesting newsletters. Especially if you’re an organizational leader, you’ll find some topics that will be invaluable to your career! (No need to thank us)

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