Nationally recognized experts in professional presentation messaging, advanced design, and critical delivery skills coaching
Nationally-recognized experts in professional delivery skills
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Distinction Communication Inc.

So much more than a presentation skills company...

Today, more than ever, the noise level of people vying for the attention of your important audiences (internal & external) has reached new peaks of intensity.

From the seemingly endless meetings they attend to the parade of sales presentations and management pitches - the tone, visual impressions and even the presenters themselves seem to blur into a slurry of voices with precious few who seem to stand out from the crowd.

Is your voice being heard?

Let’s be honest — there’s no ONE THING that will make you a great communicator. A quick trip to Best Buy or a zippy new PowerPoint may make you feel like you've got an edge, but in reality, neither have the power to transform your personal effectiveness. Presenters today need a healthy dose of reality. They need to be more self-aware, highly adaptive to their audiences and masters of how to shape and deliver important messages.

We're different because we understand the essence of business communication

The Art and Science of Confidence
[Makes you think]

Lessons from the Shark Tank
[Ideas for presenting to the sharks in your life]

Hope for Those Who Struggle with Presentation Fear
[A blog by author Allison Vesterfelt]

A personal note from Jim - 3 Special Olympians - Courage, Caring & Compassion

More of who we are... Distinction gives back to our community

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