Nationally recognized experts in professional presentation messaging, advanced design, and critical delivery skills coaching
Nationally-recognized experts in professional delivery skills
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Distinction Communication Inc.

So much more than a presentation skills company...

Today, more than ever, the noise level of people vying for the attention of your important audiences (internal & external) has reached new peaks of intensity.

From the seemingly endless meetings they attend to the parade of sales presentations and management pitches - the tone, visual impressions and even the presenters themselves seem to blur into a slurry of voices with precious few who seem to stand out from the crowd.

Is your voice being heard?

Let’s be honest — there’s no ONE THING that will make you a great communicator. A quick trip to Best Buy or a zippy new PowerPoint may make you feel like you've got an edge, but in reality, neither have the power to transform your personal effectiveness. Presenters today need a healthy dose of reality. They need to be more self-aware, highly adaptive to their audiences and masters of how to shape and deliver important messages.

We're different because we understand the essence of business communication

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